How to update orders?

We must ensure that not only the buyers can successfully make payment, but also data of orders on the merchant’s website must be kept consistent with that in the Dinpay database.
To achieve this, a programmer is needed to develop a programme according to the business processes of the website.
Coding for order updates:
Specify the locations for files corresponding to notify_url and return_url.
How to arrange page files for order updates:
The prerequisite is notify_url and return_url have been configured.
Upon successful payment, the buyer will be redirected to a page corresponding to return_url, and the page files will be activated.
When a transaction is kept in the Dinpay transaction management database and the transaction status changes, Dinpay will send a notification to the page corresponding to notify_url, and the corresponding page files will be activated.
Basic ideas of order updates:
Upon validation, feedback to be received from Dinpay. Find the corresponding order in the system based on this transaction. Then, determine if the order is processed. If it is yet to be processed, then update the order according to the business process of the merchant’s site.